Motorcycle Jackets - A Dilemma - Should I Wear One?

A Few Thoughts About Motorcycle Jackets:

Aside from wearing a jacket in unfavarable weather, should I wear a motorcycle jacket?

Well, for starters, we encourage all our VVMT Riders to consider wearing the proper gear for the day of the tour (What To Wear). Of course, not just our riders but any who jet down the motorcycle roads of the world. It's important to have the proper type of jacket for the proper seasons & protection.

It's not just the seasons for motorcycle jacket wear but for protection as well. From what you may ask?

  • First and foremost, the pavement

  • Weather – Including Sun & Rain

  • Bugs

It's always the guy who shows up in a pair of shorts or tank top that brings a chuckle to faces of riders that have been riding for sometime. From on top of the bike, while riding smoothly down the highway, the ground for some odd reason doesn't look that hard :).

If we spend 7.5 hours on a bike and your not wearing any sleeves at an average speed of 70mph, your shirt from the wind will whip your skin numb, you'll have a real nice sunburn and rode the bike without having the confidence of a little extra protection than just our skin.

Even when you wear a jacket bugs can be problematic. Once Ania and I were going down the street and I could see her grabbing her mid-section at belly and swerving trying to get off the road. When we pulled over we noticed a bee had climbed down her motorcycle neck-tight jacket, traveled to her abdomen and stung her. Not a honey bee, a huge bumble bee the big yellow & black furry ones and left a whole the size of a 12 penny nail. Here is a photo of another type of flying insect in the desert areas (How would you like that in your tank top)? 


When it's hot you may want to consider a mesh type of jacket.

Fall & Spring:

When it's one of those -sorta-cold days then a regular ole leather jacket works.


When it's super cold then a leather jacket with electric under garments. Yes, it takes a little shopping around and spending around, but once your setup, the stuff will last the lifetime of your riding career. These electric under garments are usually called electric or heated liners. They are manufactured to fit a variety of circumstances.

So the question arises, should you wear a jacket? I don't know about you but for us at VVMT, we wear'em year-round and seems for the most part to be a good idea. The good out-ways the bad by far.

Consider a few of the HAND PICKED men's & women's motorcycle jackets we have to offer in the Vegas Valley Motorcycle Store for riding gear.

Should a jacket have armor? It's a personal choice and there are several types of armor to choose from and we'll consider that here: Motorcycle Armor.